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Membership to XCINEX and the Apps are free. As a XCINEX Member, you will have access to watch first run theatrical movies, live events and premium entertainment content from the comfort of your home.

Membership is simple and absolutely secure. To get started, just fill out the membership form below and click JOIN. That’s it! You are now a XCINEX member. Your email address will be your XCINEX Username. You will soon receive a welcome email with your membership details. Your information will not be shared with anyone and you will never receive spam mail from us. We will email you when XCINEX is ready to launch and inform you about getting setup. If you are one of the first 100K members, you will get a discount code emailed to you for the xVENUE. This is our way of saying thank you to our early supporters.

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XCINEX is a pay-per-viewer premium content streaming platform. Just like gaming consoles that brought games out of the arcades and into tens of millions of homes worldwide, XCINEX aims to stream first-run content like theatrical films, live events, musicals, concerts, sports, shows and much more directly to the comfort of your home. With XCINEX, you get access to the latest entertainment content when you want it. The great news is, you only pay for content you consume. No subscription fees, no sign up fees and no hassle. Welcome to XCINEX, the pure a-la-carte premium entertainment experience…

About Us

Changing the Entire Industry

Our mission is to pioneer a revolutionary new system, which makes use of the latest available technologies to provide both consumers and content owners a direct and secure relationship. Content owners can upload their most current products, instantly allowing XCINEX members worldwide to watch by purchasing tickets for their viewing enjoyment, in the home, without the limitation of show-time hours.


Features of XCINEX

Our Story

How It All Began

Cihan Atkin, the founder, explains his story as follows:

"It all started on a rainy, gloomy, April night when friends and I were wondering what to do. It was about 9:00pm and we were surfing Netflix on the PS3 for about thirty minutes. All the titles were old, already seen or not interesting at the time. I've got to admit, Netflix is convenient and has its moments but this night was different. We decided to see what was playing in theatres. I pulled up Fandango, an online platform for checking show times and buying tickets, on my phone to get the latest show times at theaters in the area. As always, great line up of movies were playing. Studios never sleep! However, since we had to consider driving to the theater, parking, tickets (if we didn't get them on Fandango), getting the junk food and then finding seats; we were limited to the movies playing at 10:30pm or later. This left us with only a few movie options. The night was ruined! In this day and age, in a digital world filled with streaming, instant satisfaction and global penetration, the film industry and their distribution model had failed us! We ended up illegally torrenting a movie. It was a very disappointing to see how our options of enjoying a movie were so limited. With todays' technology, why couldn't we just watch the latest first run theatrical movies from home? Seriously! Had I really spent thousands of dollars on my home entertainment system just to watch television, old content & play video games?"

The Team

Meet The Team Behind The XCINEX Revolution!