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What is Venue?

VENUE is a next-generation streaming platform reinventing live events and movie theaters. We combine convenience and access to bring ticketed entertainment experiences to your home, on-demand.

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Seamless integration

VENUE is plug and play and mounts on your TV, making installation a no-brainer. Upgrade your entertainment setup in minutes and enjoy.

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What makes Venue different?

VENUE is the only streaming platform bringing ticketed experiences to the home, on-demand. Live events, concerts, blockbuster movies, Broadway shows, comedy shows and more… VENUE is an entirely new and unique entertainment experience for your home.

Our passion is our mission

In an on-demand and global world without boundaries and limitations to the stories we can enjoy, VENUE levels the playing field for all. VENUE represents limitless possibilities for major and independent ticketed releases to maximize revenue and expand their audience to homes worldwide.