Our mission is to ensure everyone can access and be included in the first run/live entertainment window regardless of their circumstances or where they live. If we are successful, more people will be entertained, more stories/performances will be explored, and more fans will engage with their favorite artists. VENUE will transcend borders, boundaries, and barriers to bring fans ever closer to the artists and storytellers they love.   

XCINEX Corporation is a technology company based in California, USA. XCINEX is the pioneer of its patented pay-per-viewer streaming technology, which is the first-ever effective replication of ticketed exhibition in the home. Utilizing its IP, XCINEX has developed VENUE, the ultimate streaming marketplace to bring ticketed content, filmed and live, direct to consumers. 

Founded by Cihan Fuat Atkin after being inspired by Netflix, XCINEX was created to bring access to the newest content, filmed and live, directly to the consumer. Rather than focusing on catalog content or producing its own content, XCINEX’s mission was born from Cihan’s passion and respect for storytelling, performing arts, music, and entertainment. 

The most coveted window in the industry for content creators and artists (theatrical and live) is riddled with bottlenecks. Cihan’s aim was to replicate this model on mobile and TVs to expand the audience and remove the bottlenecks that plague the industry in today’s connected world. Today, sticking true to Cihan’s vision, XCINEX aims to become the largest digital exhibition marketplace to bring content creators and artists closer together with their fans, increase engagement and expand the experience beyond brick and mortar.

Streaming alone is not exciting anymore, and subscription fatigue is a real medical concern. Fans want to be immersed, and they demand engagement. Well, we have been listening, and we are building VENUE to give fans what they want!