VENUE is the world’s only patented technology to replicate ticketed exhibition in the home and layer in immersive experiences, turning your mobile device and TV into a micro-venue.

VENUE is digital exhibition in the home and helps expand unique, one-time premiere releases and live immersive experiences from around the world to home audiences so everyone can access more entertainment from home while it’s new and relevant. 

VENUE members will enjoy better quality entertainment for exactly what they’re willing to spend on tickets, and they won’t get passively charged each month for simply having the privilege of browsing catalog content like on the average streaming platform. 

Bringing this kind of new and relevant entertainment to the home using an individual ticket model brings more options, convenience, and flexibility to our audience, which is looking for premiere and live releases, not catalog content.

When you use the VENUE streaming app and pick something to watch, you’ll need to buy tickets for each viewer. You can purchase tickets for everyone or each viewer can buy tickets individually. If VENUE detects more people in the room than tickets purchased, content will pause until the ticket count equals viewer count.

We anticipate the retail price to be competitive with other high-end streaming devices, e.g. Apple TV. 

Our anticipated launch is in 2023.

Yes! Our goal is to be a global platform connecting fans with content/artists regardless of their location.

The VENUE app is free and does not require a subscription. You only pay for tickets per-viewer for the content you want to watch.

You can add multiple forms of payment, including any major credit/debit cards and Apple/Google Pay to your VENUE profile to purchase tickets. Pre-paid credit or gift cards will not be accepted. After a quick two-step authorization, tickets are purchased seamlessly through the VENUE app.

Ticket prices are set by content owners but will be competitively priced based on the geographic location and demand. 

VENUE takes the theatrical and live venue experience and transforms it into a private viewing for you and your loved ones. By charging tickets per- person, we can stream content to your home privately that would normally require ticket purchases and physical attendance.

By streaming our ticketed content to your home, you can enjoy the theatrical and live venue experience privately and avoid many of the added costs or pitfalls associated with in-person attendance. Watching ticketed content in the home has been accessible by the rich and well-connected for decades. Now, VENUE can deliver it to everyone.

Definitely not- it’s illegal to do so. VENUE will recognize recording devices and will pause content until recording is no longer detected. Our features also support industry leading studio level DRM and watermarking requirements to ensure the security and integrity of the content on VENUE. It’s not worth the trouble, so don’t risk it.

VENUE is designed with consumer privacy as a top priority. VENUE uses A.I. and computer vision to count viewers and cannot store images to memory. Viewer count is calculated instantly and all data is encrypted end-to-end to ensure the highest level of privacy for our users. VENUE only counts the number of viewers and can’t store personal information about the audience.

Yes! Download the free VENUE app on your phone or tablet and experience everything VENUE has to offer. Available on iOS and Android.

The current model and hardware are not designed for projectors. However, we plan to introduce a model in the future specifically designed for those consumers in mind.

You can resume play once your internet returns without missing a thing.

VENUE collects user information whenever a member logs in to make a ticket purchase. VENUE also verifies viewer count for each session by counting the number of people in the viewing area. VENUE does not use facial recognition. On the contrary, utilizing our software, VENUE only keeps a head count of viewers watching the content to ensure ticket accountability.

Primarily, VENUE uses the data collected to ensure the number of viewers are equal to the number of purchased tickets throughout the content stream. VENUE also uses the data to enhance user experience on the platform by personalizing content recommendations.

VENUE uses AI and Computer Vision (not facial recognition) in order to authenticate numerical, non-identity based headcount’s for a simple comparison to the number of tickets purchased for content on the VENUE platform.

VENUE doesn’t store any images of the viewing area or analyze viewer identities unlike many technologies using facial recognition today.

VENUEx comes with a magnetic lens cover as well as a halo light around the lens of the device to give our users complete control of their privacy and clearly indicate when our AI and computer vision technology is being used (which is exclusively during content streaming on our VENUE app).

Our ultimate goal with VENUE is to create the most private experience for ticketed entertainment possible. That means our consumers experience zero privacy trade-offs when using VENUE. We’re using it in our homes too, and we want ourselves and our users to get the chance to enjoy ticketed entertainment in a totally private and immersive environment at home with family and friends.

It takes a short (also randomized) amount of time for new users in the viewing area to be counted by VENUE as a potential ticket holder. At that point, they would need to either purchase a ticket or leave the viewing area to unpause the content.

Our users have an option to initiate a headcount manually if the device detects a viewer in the background who isn’t really watching. This allows our viewers to pause, ask extra viewers to join or leave the viewing space, initiate another headcount, and unpause seamlessly. Our goal is to ensure that this process does not interrupt or take away from your overall viewing experience or enjoyment.

VENUE doesn’t detect for infants or pets and can differentiate between photos, statues, and real viewers.

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