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Download the free VENUE app on your phone or tablet. Experience everything VENUE has to offer, no subscription required.

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VENUEx is the next-generation media player to transform any TV into an immersive entertainment hub. Experience everything VENUE has to offer alongside a myriad of unique experiences only possible with VENUEx. Seamlessly access popular streaming services and even jump on a quick Zoom call right from your TV.    

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With VENUE you can:

Watch live and ticketed events, concerts, blockbuster movies, broadway shows, comedy shows from home.

  • Connect with your favorite celebrities backstage.
  • Metaverse engagements where you embody your own avatar.
  • Artist NFT drops, merchandise and memorabilia.
  • Get your groove on with virtual dance parties and competitions.
  • Enjoy a cinematic experience from home with watch parties.
  • Video calls with friends and family.
  • Digital selfies with the band or the movie cast.

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