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Create a VENUE Account as a Content Provider to expand your ticketed audience and make sure no fan is ever left out! VENUE turns mobile devices and TVs into an extension of your ticketed live performance or theatrical release.

  • Free basic account, unlimited campaigns, up to 4K streaming quality.
  • Set the per-viewer ticket price and generate ticket revenue.
  • Create release schedules and change the parameters as desired.
  • Customize release markets and geofence campaigns.
  • Access real time campaign data and sales reports.
  • Edit campaigns as desired to optimize reach and ticket sales.
  • Automatically receive funds weekly without hassle or waiting

VENUE welcomes all professional content creators, artists, performers, comedians, athletes and entertainers around the world to join the VENUE marketplace and seamlessly reach more fans. Where we succeed together, happiness follows!

Join VENUE & Expand Your Audience!

**Minimum Requirements

VENUE is designed to be an extension of your ticketed live event or filmed movie release. Therefore, content being distributed through VENUE cannot be available on any other TVOD, AVOD, and SVOD streaming service at the same time as released on VENUE.  

VENUE is a digital exhibition marketplace that replicates the ticketed business model in the first run window filmed or live. Tickets sold on VENUE are additive to your box office numbers or physical ticket sales. Therefore, there are requirements that are in place to maintain the highest level of content and experience quality. 

  • Content must be uploaded/streamed at a minimum 1080p HD quality.
  • Audio/video production for live streams are the content provider’s responsibility.
  • The content provider must have the rights to distribute the content, filmed or live.
  • X-Rated adult content is not allowed to be streamed on VENUE.

Join VENUE & Expand Your Audience!