Who says you can’t have it all?

No matter what your current entertainment setup looks like, VENUE is flexible and can adapt to your specific needs. Learn more about our fully-equipped streaming player VENUEx, our lower cost optics-only VENUE Lite, and our free-to-download standalone VENUE App.

VENUE Streaming App

Our standalone VENUE app can be quickly accessed by free download on the newest optic-enabled home entertainment technologies and SmartTV’s without the need for additional hardware purchases.


A futuristic streaming player for your TV, VENUEx brings together all the ticketed content on our app along with a marketplace of other popular apps, streaming services, and video calling capability for an “all-in-one” home entertainment experience. 

Product features

Access premium

Plug and play

Bluetooth 5.0
for gaming

Use your
favorite apps



VENUE Lite is our USB optics-only solution which enables our app on existing streaming devices and older SmartTV’s with an Android OS. Connect Venue Lite to your existing device’s USB port and download the free VENUE app to access everything today’s hottest artist and storytellers have to offer.

Access premium entertainment
on your schedule.

Stream live events, movies playing in theaters, and so much more from the comfort of your couch.

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